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Bill Reforming Sentencing for Victims of Child Sex Trafficking by Considering Child’s Involvement in Welfare System

Illinois’ General Assembly recently passed legislation that aims to reform criminal sentencing for minors, particularly those who are victims of child sex trafficking.  House Bill 3414 adds to the factors that judges must consider when sentencing a child found guilty of a crime.  Judges will now be required to consider a child’s involvement in the child welfare system, whether they have a history of domestic abuse or child-on-child sexual abuse, and the results of any mental health evaluations the child has undergone.  Sadly, many of these children are victims of sexual abuse or they are neglected disabled children.

The goal of this legislation is to ensure that children who have been victimized and traumatized receive appropriate and fair treatment within the criminal justice system, which is a crucial step forward for the welfare of our society. Read more here.

Justice for Kids attorney Julianna Walo is available to discuss this legislation and other child welfare issues. Click here to contact her.

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