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Teen Dies in Lockup, Department of Juvenile Justice Staffers Suspended, Advocates Question Hiring, Promotions

In yet another case that leaves children’s rights advocates wondering how systems and fail safes put in place to protect the vulnerable and avoid damages and personal injury and wrongful death claims get side-stepped, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is investigating the death of a teen in its care – and under the watch of at least one employee with questionable work records, according to news reports.

Laryell King, a guard at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice West Palm Beach facility where an 18-year-old teen died, had been force to leave her last job. She even had a note in her file: “NO rehire in any position.” Another staffer, lockup superintendent Anthony C. Flowers, had his own “checkered work history,” notes The Miami Herald, after reviewing both staffers’ records. Yet, both were hired or promoted — and now are two of five staffers who were suspended after the death of Eric Perez, who died after a night of vomiting, complaining of headaches and possible hallucinations.

Child advocates and children’s rights attorneys are left to wonder why the two were rehired or promoted through the system. Read the entire Miami Herald story here.

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