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Florida Child Attorneys & Advocates Celebrate National Foster Care Month

May 14th, 2013   No Comments   Advocacy, Foster Care

May is National Foster Care Month. In Florida, foster children and their advocates, guardians, attorneys and foster families have more reasons to celebrate this annual event than ever before.

The Florida Legislature passed a “Normalcy” law that allows kids to live lives more like those of their non-foster peers. As fellow child advocate Gloria Fletcher wrote in Ocala.com, foster kids on school field trips, play dates and sleepovers required approval from case managers, at best, or at worst, fingerprints and background checks. “Some 19,000 kids in Florida foster care cannot live the life of a normal child and participate in normal childhood activities.” The new law changes that.

In another change, the Legislature extended the age that young adults “age out” of the foster care system from 18 to 21 years of age.

Amid it all, we must remember the work of dedicated foster families. Regardless of whether we step up and choose to be foster families ourselves, we should support those who do. Theirs is a vital role played in the lives of young, developing children.

As Florida and the nation celebrate National Foster Care Month, we have reason to celebrate indeed.

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