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Florida Child Care Attorney: Second Teen in Youth Facilities Ignored as He Lay Dying

October 19th, 2012   No Comments   News & Events, Personal Injury

As if history is repeating itself in a tale of possible wrongful death, pain and suffering, and personal injury, a recently released report explores the case of a Florida youth in a state youth lockup who died of a brain injury after complaining of serious pain and personal injury to guards and supervisors. The incident follows a 2003 case where a youth in lockup complained of severe stomach pain, was ignored, and later died of a burst appendix, the Miami Herald reported.

The similarities surrounding the possibilities of wrongful death, personal injury and claims of pain and suffering being ignored are as striking as they are tragic.

The first detainee, Eric Perez, was despondent and in severe pain for several hours. All the while, he was ignored by facility personnel. The prison guard said Perez was “faking it.”

In the earlier case, youth Omar Paisley was in Miami-Dade juvenile lockup in 2003 when he died of the burst appendix.

When inmates or detainees complain of serious injury, it’s not the security staff’s role to determine the veracity of the complaint. That’s for medical personnel. In two cases, staff ignored the pleas for help. And in both cases, the youths died. This is unacceptable.

Read the entire story here.

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