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Florida Children’s Rights Attorney Calls for Gov. Scott to Make Right Call for DCF Head

In a letter entitled, “Scott and DCF must get it right,” Florida children’s rights attorney Gloria Fletcher argues in the Tallahassee Democrat that she and other child advocates are watching closely as Gov. Rick Scott weighs candidates and implications surrounding his next choice for secretary of the Department of Children and Families. The reason is clear, she says.

“The post and agency have been among the highest-profile — and most embattled — in the state over the past few years. The facts are heart-wrenching. More than two dozen children known to be at risk or under the watch of DCF have died in the past few years.”

“Like the governor, the candidate should have one over-arching belief,” Fletcher writes. “The mission of DCF is to serve at-risk kids and to ensure that the providers paid by the state to care for the state’s most vulnerable are held accountable for providing professional services. The kids must come first.”

Read the entire letter here.

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