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Florida DCF Report: State Child-Welfare Oversight Left Wanting in Barahona Twins Case

Shoddy, lacking and frustrating are just some of the terms that can or have been used to describe the work of state Department of Children and Families child welfare workers in the case of Nubia and Victor Barahona, the Miami twins at the center of a horrific death and abuse case.

“In the immediate aftermath of a Miami girl’s death, state child-welfare workers acknowledged privately that the work of agency investigators left much to be desired,” wrote the Miami Herald. In the meantime, the children’s adoptive mother, Carmen Barahona, has been charged with murder.

“Four days after Nubia Barahona’s decomposed body was found in the flatbed of her adoptive father’s pickup truck, state child-welfare authorities…concluded that a series of abuse investigations lacked ‘a sense of urgency’’ and contained several instances of shoddy case work,” the paper reported.   Read the entire story here.

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