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Florida DCF Secretary Sheldon Says Agency Changing Culture

September 3rd, 2009   1 Comment   Rights of Foster Children

This article from the News Service of Florida reveals Florida Department of Children & Families Secretary George Sheldon’s belief that the agency at the center of state foster care issues is changing its culture.

“Gov. Crist made it very clear that if you make a mistake, admit it and try to fix it,’’ Sheldon said.

“Despite recent critical reports, Department of Children and Families Secretary George Sheldon said this week that he is convinced the beleaguered agency is beginning to change a long-engrained culture,” the article began. “A recently-completed internal report raises questions as to whether the agency has the right kind of employees who are willing to use common sense to avoid ongoing mistakes, such as one that came to light with the suicide of a 7-year-old child in South Florida.

“These mistakes wind up costing taxpayers millions of dollars because the state ends up settling lawsuits that accuse the agency of negligence.”

See the entire article here…

One Response to “Florida DCF Secretary Sheldon Says Agency Changing Culture”

  1. Arlyn Handler says:

    Dear Mr. Sheldon:
    I fear for the safety fo my granddaughter which was compromised in light of months of mistakes and failures to function by agency employees who were changed, fierd etc. as frequently as people change underwear. An excess of 50 calls has left me empty and without any positive results regarding addressing that which has led to this situation. Many mistakes and nobody willing to admit to them or at the very least, correct them and truly keep this child’s best interest and safety in the foeground. How or where can I share specifics with you and obtain possible resolutions and some peace of mind?
    Thank you, Arlyn Handler

    P.S. Please e-mail me at pakasgirl@yahoo.com at which time I would be more than willing to provide you with telephone numbers etc.

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