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Florida Department of Children & Families: We Didn’t Force Disabled, At-Risk Kids into Nursing Homes; Federal Findings Show Otherwise

Following a scathing federal report that revealed that the Florida Department of Children and Families had forced foster children and other vulnerable kids from their families and into state-contracted nursing homes – possibly as a cost-cutting measure, the DCF has voiced denial of the activity.

“Everyone, including this fragile population, deserves to be cared for with the least restricted means,” Liz Dudek, the secretary of the state Agency for Health Care Administration, or AHCA, said to reporters at a news conference this week. “That’s where we want children to be.”

The report from the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was scathing. It accused Florida healthcare agencies of “warehousing” sick, disabled and other at-risk children in adult nursing homes. In response, Dudek’s agency claimed it was in “full compliance” with federal laws that require governments to house and treat disabled people in community settings, whenever possible, the Miami Herald reported.

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