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Florida Foster Families Help Children Find a Brighter Future

February 23rd, 2017   No Comments   Uncategorized

How important are foster families to Florida’s kids? Statewide, more than 6,000 children have found homes and adoption through Florida’s foster families. That’s an important figure. But their stories tell a more rich tale.

Statewide, foster children, and others face unknown futures and possible harm on the streets or in social service settings. Foster families provide protection, safety, and a roof to protect them from otherwise stormy lives.

In Florida each year, we celebrate Foster Family Appreciation Week. It’s one week in February where we celebrate the love, protection, and care foster families provide to children who often have no other place to turn. Established by the Florida Legislature, the proclamation seeks for authorities and agencies from the Department of Children and Families to local governments and other offices to celebrate the contributions of foster families – and raise awareness that may encourage others to get involved.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent or family, Click Here to reach the Florida Department of Children and Families Fostering Success website.

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