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Florida Lawmakers Reject Child Abuse Funds, Some Blame Health Care Law

When the federal government offered some $50 million in funds earmarked for child-abuse prevention, some would have jumped at the chance to use such money to help society’s most vulnerable: Abused and neglected children. Instead, Florida lawmakers rejected the grants, which were tied to the federal Affordable Health Care Act. The reason: Lawmakers don’t approve of the Obama administration’s health care reform package.

“This is just crazy,” Gwen Wurm, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Miami, and a board member of the Our Kids foster care agency, told the Miami Herald. “This is the model for what you want in a prevention program. They have proven results.”

What’s more, the federal Race to the Top educational-reform effort is tied to Healthy Families’ child-abuse prevention program. This could result in the loss of a $100 million, four-year federal block grant. Read the entire story here.

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