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Florida’s Child Advocates See End to Needless Foster Child Deaths

May 21st, 2015   No Comments   Advocacy

To any advocate or attorney who works to protect abused children, neglected kids or others at harm, when a foster child or any youngster dies under the care of his family or the watch of a state agency or organization tasked with his or her care, that epitomizes a “needless” child death. Three organizations have banded together to highlight the worst examples of preventable child deaths – shaken baby syndrome, co-sleeping and drowning.

“These are very tragic situations that are preventable,” said one child services administrator behind the new Tampa Bay area campaign to address preventing the three most common ways kids under 5 are dying in large numbers. Learn more at www.preventneedlessdeaths.com.

“It’s a great time to launch this campaign to get the attention of parents as we approach the summer months, the vacation time. Families are going to be vacationing in hotels at their favorite vacation spot and there’s going to be bodies of water there and children need to be watched closely.”

Learn even more by clicking here.

The campaign is a collaboration between the Department of Children and Families, the Children’s Board, Eckerd Community Alternatives and the Juvenile Welfare Board. We all can learn from the initiative.

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