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Head of Legal Services: Offer to Help Miami, Florida Poor

February 21st, 2010   No Comments   News & Events

Garrett J. Biondo, President of Legal Services of Greater Miami, recently today commented in the Miami Herald about Leonard Pitts Jr.’s Jan. 31 column, “Public Silence Greets Poor’s Powerlessness.”

Biondo comments that Bitts “rightly calls attention to the lack of outrage over the deplorable comments by South Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer regarding the poor. Pitts’ piece is a well-reasoned call to action for the millions of people in this country who live in poverty.

“I was particularly struck by his salient question: Who speaks for the poor? Clearly, too few. Thankfully, there are organizations in South Florida that are committed to providing a voice for those who sit silent on the edges of our community. One bright light in our community is Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. (LSGMI).

“LSGMI is the largest provider of broad-based civil legal services for the poor in Miami-Dade. For more than 40 years, its staff attorneys have shunned lucrative jobs in private practice to successfully provide innovative and effective free legal services to poverty-stricken families throughout South Florida.”

Read his entire column here.

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