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News-Press Editorial: Florida DCF Cuts Could Cost Kids’ Lives

Low and inequitable pay, difficult hours and increasing demands on investigators. Managerial conflicts and allegations of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and a hostile workplace. The News-Press cites these conditions as having led more than half of child abuse investigators in Southwest Florida to leave what it called a “brutally difficult job” in the past year.

It’s under these circumstances that people wonder how deep budget cuts to the Department of Children and Families will affect employees –and the children and families they are there to protect.

From the News-Press editorial, “As the Legislature reins in state spending lawmakers must not make cuts that worsen the turnover among child abuse investigators in the state Department of Children and Families.

“That high turnover, at crisis level in Southwest Florida for the second time in recent years, directly endangers the lives of children who need state protection.” Read the entire editorial here.

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