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Newspaper Editorial: ‘Warehousing’ Disabled Children in Florida Adult Nursing Homes Not a Solution

November 26th, 2012   No Comments   Abuse, Advocacy

Child care advocates and those who fight for the legal rights of at-risk children have watched in horror as these kids have suffered physical abuse, sexual abuse, personal injury and wrongful death in various settings while under state care. So the Miami Herald editorial chastising the state for the practice of placing disabled youths in adult nursing homes is all the more alarming.

The editorial began: “Here’s how the state of Florida justifies its practice of warehousing severely medically challenged children in nursing homes: ‘They are strictly regulated to ensure that the appropriate services are provided specifically for children,’ noted part of a defensive statement from the state Agency for Health Care Administration. ‘They provide a safe, secure and enriching environment for the children in their care.’

“State health officials, then, might deign to consider Doris Freyre’s experience,” the paper continued, “Marie, her profoundly disabled daughter, was sent to a nursing home at the insistence of social workers. Marie was 14. The Tampa mom had lovingly cared for her at home since birth…Marie died in that Miami Gardens nursing home, struggling to breathe. None of the staff members thought enough to call a doctor.”

Read the entire editorial here. Then decide for yourself if warehousing at-risk kids is any solution.

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