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Opinion: 33 Years Later, Florida Gets It Right On Gay Adoption

October 20th, 2010   No Comments   Adoption

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel editors wrote an opinion column on gay adoption of foster children and other children in need of a permanent home. It’s a compelling tale — hopefully one that eulogizes the end of Florida’s 33-year ban on gay adoption.

It would have been a fitting funeral for Florida’s archaic, bigoted gay adoption law if it had gone all the way to the state Supreme Court before finally being shot down.

That didn’t happen, but the next best thing did — the Florida Department of Children & Families is at last giving up the ludicrous, wasteful and self-defeating fight.

Floridians should demand to know how much time and money was wasted by the state of Florida in an attempt to retain the backward distinction of having the most stringent gay adoption ban in the country. For 33 years — during which countless kids were denied a good, loving home because of bigotry and misplaced moral fervor — Florida law said gays and lesbians could not be adoptive parents.  Read the entire column here.

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