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Stories: Palm Beach Children’s, Mom’s Death Show Cases of Rushed Adoptions, Lax Oversight

March 10th, 2011   No Comments   Abuse, Adoption

The horrible tale of two Palm Beach County children and their mother found dead this month points to key issues related to how the Florida Department of Children and Families handles adoptions among at-risk or violent families — and whether the lure of federal money drives state decisions.

In a story, “Rare adoption ends with mom and kids dead,” the Miami Herald revealed how “a mother, stripped of all rights to her oldest child, later was allowed to adopt him. The two and a younger daughter are now dead, raising questions about whether the state should have allowed the adoptions.” Now a boy, Jermaine McNeil, 8, his sister, Ju’tyra, 5, were found stuffed in luggage, and their mother, Felicia Brown, was found in a county landfill. Read the entire story here.

At the same time, a family member has been left to grieve and wonder. In an Associated Press story, “Relative grieves 2 kids found dead in Fla. canal,” the grandmother of Ms. Brown and her children spoke out about their loss. Read the entire story here.

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