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Advocates Laud Sheldon’s DCF Legacy, Hope New Head Continues Gains

Outgoing Department of Children and Families head George Sheldon’s announced departure leaves behind a vast legacy. He cut the number of kids in foster care in Florida. He increased the number of adoptions to among the most in the nation. He also installed transparency in government, where people once operated behind a veil of secrecy.

With this week’s naming of former business executive David Wilkins to head the DCF, the world of advocates is hopeful these legacies continue.

According to the Miami Herald, Florida’s new social services chief will look a lot like the state’s new governor: a corporate executive with conservative social roots. Wilkins, a businessman who helps lead a social service group with strong Christian fundamentalist roots, will replace Sheldon, a former state prosecutor widely regarded as a reformer.

Wilkins, a member of the governor’s transition team, is the finance chief of the Florida Baptist Children’s Home, a private agency that allows only “professing Christians” to adopt children in its care.

Read the entire Miami Herald story here.

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