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Boy Scouts of America ‘Perversion Files’ Show Depth of Sexual Abuse, Personal Injury Group’s Personnel Perpetrated on Kids

The similarities between the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church and the coaching staff and administration at Penn State University are chilling – and reprehensible. All three had pedophiles in their midst, perpetrating unspeakable sexual assault, personal injury, and pain and suffering on child victims and youths in their care.

And to avoid damage claims, all three worked diligently to hide the sexual assault, personal injury, and pain and suffering of child victims from parents, outsiders and authorities.

As child advocates and child care attorneys now learn of the more than 14,500 pages of previously confidential documents released by the Boy Scouts of America regarding child sexual abuse, observers and authorities are left to wonder how this could happen so deeply in the organization – and for so long.

The organization’s “Perversion Files” detail the depth of the cover-up – and the lengths the organization went to to hide child molesters in its ranks.

To those who follow the sexual abuse, child abuse and sad legacy of Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State University case, the 20 years worth of formerly secret documents only serve to stir up fresh wounds – and those that never will heal.

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