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Educators Face Charges of Physical Abuse of Autistic Children, Failure to Report Sex Abuse

February 4th, 2019   No Comments   Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Special Needs

For children, especially those with developmental disabilities, neurological disorders, and other special needs, school should be a safe place. For several children with autism in North Florida, school became a place of physical, emotional, and for one autistic child, sexual abuse that went unreported.

New reports this week revealed allegations that teachers of special needs students in an Okaloosa County school subjected children in their care to horrible physical and emotional abuse. In another charge, a guidance counselor failed to report to authorities an allegation of sexual abuse.

The story revealed allegations that the special education teacher and two aides had been charged by Okaloosa County sheriff’s investigators for abusing the children with autism. It was alleged that the teacher and aides blew whistles in one child’s ears and locked several in darkened bathrooms.


Palm Beach County School Board Approves Limited Use of Prone Restraint on Special Needs Children

July 31st, 2011   No Comments   Advocacy, Special Needs

Putting aside the complaints of child advocates, a legal aid attorney, parents and two of its own members, the Palm Beach County School Board last week voted 4-2 to continue the practice prone restraint — albeit as a last resort — when for subduing special-needs children, the Sun-Sentinel wrote.

The paper also reported that “federal studies have linked the use of prone restraint in other parts of the country to injuries and deaths. A Palm Beach Post series last year noted hundreds of incidents where the technique was used and the complaints of some parents who called for a ban on prone restraint.”

Some wanted the practice banned. Barbara Briggs, an attorney for the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, cited the case of an autistic kindergarten student subdued using prone restraint 14 times last year, sometimes for as long as 30 to 35 minutes. Read the entire story here.