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Civil Rights Violations of Hundreds of Children are Left in Psych Wards and Emergency Shelters after DCFS Eliminated Nearly 500 Residential Beds

A Cook County Probate Judge ordered the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to “get your act together” after DCFS left hundreds of kids in psych words and temporary shelters for months, while taxpayers continually covered the bill. This year alone the bill was about $6.2 million. Judge Murphy added that leaving children in such a limbo isn’t care, it’s torture, and a violation of the Constitution. Charles Golbert, Cook County Public Guardian, agreed that this situation is a disgrace. Judge Murphy ordered DCFS to immediately find placements for eight of these children, “or else.”

Recently, Judge Murphy hauled DCFS Director Marc Smith to court after the department failed to comply with the Judge’s orders. DCFS responded that one of the eight children will get a new home by the end of the week. However, that was not enough. Judge Murphy ordered DCFS to come up with a specific plan to get beds in residential facilities back after DCFS eliminated almost 500 beds in the last six years.

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