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Florida Department of Children and Families Sued for Adopted Child’s Life of Abuse

September 16th, 2014   No Comments   Abuse, Court Cases, Damage Claims

The warning signs of child abuse, neglect and eventually possible wrongful death were etched across little J.B.’s reportedly horrible life as a child adopted by Carmen and Jorge Barahona. J.B. always was close at hand as Nubia Barahona, 10, and her twin brother, Victor, were allegedly physically abused, starved and mistreated. Teachers said Nubia Barahona would arrive at school unkempt and withdrawn and she would hoard or steal food. Eventually, Nubia was found dead in Jorge Barahona’s truck, while Victor suffered serious injury. Jorge Barahona is facing trial for trying to kill Victor; Carmen stands trial for the first degree murder of Nubia.

Now, it’s J.B.’s turn. The Miami-Dade County child who suffered years of abuse by her adoptive parents filed a lawsuit this week against the Florida Department of Children and Families and three of its employees.

According to the complaint, “J.B” was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by the Barahonas starting in 1999, when she was placed in their care by the Florida Department of Children and Families. The abuse lasted until she finally was removed in 2011 upon Nubia Barahona’s death.

In those intervening years, DCF and state investigators visited the home in response to reports of abuse, neglect and medical neglect – reports lodged by teachers, doctors and other professionals. At no time were the children removed.

The suit names the Department of Children and Families, family services counselor Lacheryl D. Harris, and child protective investigators Jean Lacroix and Eunice Guillot. It claims they never thoroughly investigate the numerous allegations.

“As a result of DCF’s failure to properly investigate and respond to reports of abuse by the Abusive Parents’ home, J.B. suffered years of severe physical and emotional abuse and neglect,” the complaint alleges. “She was abused physically, sexually, and emotionally by the Abusive Parents and was forced to witness the abuse the Abusive Parents visited upon her adoptive siblings.”

Read the news article here.

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