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Human Trafficking Can Affect Anyone — The Vulnerable, Young, Immigrants, and Society At Large

November 23rd, 2010   No Comments   Abuse, News & Events

Human trafficking — whether of immigrants or U.S. citizens caught in a rough stage of life — affects everyone. For child advocates, care givers and attorneys who deal with society’s most vulnerable citizens, the results are devastating, and demand greater protections. According to a story in the Fort Myers (Florida) News-Press, human trafficking historically has been perceived as crimes affecting mostly foreigners. Today, its victim profile has expanded. It includes “a larger extent American adults and children exploited for gain.”

In Lee County (Florida) alone, the paper writes, “the number of people tagged as victims and investigations…has been growing in the past year. Of 11 arrests linked to trafficking in Lee in roughly that time, the lead investigator said at least seven involved domestic victims.”

The paper continued, “…Trafficking, often called modern-day slavery, doesn’t have to involve transportation of a victim. One case involved a 15-year-old girl who told investigators her mother forced her to prostitute in exchange for food. At one point, she banged on a window seeking her mother’s help when she was left in a room with men, according to sheriff’s reports. The girl cut and burned herself to deal with the pain.” Read the entire story here.

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