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Nearly 1,000 foster care kids missing in Missouri according to report

November 12th, 2021   No Comments   Foster Care

According to Missouri TV station KY3,  a case study by the U.S. Inspector General’s Office shows that nearly 1,000 foster kids went missing from the foster care system in 2019 from that state. The inspector’s report noted that foster children are at a higher risk of being reported missing. What’s even more sad is that of these missing foster children cases, sex trafficking plays a large role.

Kelly Shultz, Director of Child Advocate, said the findings are not a surprise, except for the scope and volume. There has been talk about using a Missouri Chip that provides a dental impression and a dental swab, according to Deanna Alonso, CEO of Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association. Read more here: Child advocate responds as report issued on nearly 1,000 foster care kids missing in Missouri (ky3.com)

Kelley Kronenberg’s Justice for Kids Division Partner Justin Grosz says that human trafficking is the second most profitable criminal enterprise in the world. Florida is considered one of the three largest hubs that includes California and Texas in the United States for trafficking. Children are recruited because they are vulnerable, especially those in foster care.

View video: https://youtu.be/TQBWekKwrVE

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