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The following is a list of resources for those interested in learning more about topics related to children’s services, aid organizations, state groups, educational services, and other sites and services pertinent to children’s issues.

For those interested in the Florida Department of Children of Families Gabriel Myers Work Group, its final reports and documents are listed immediately below. Click on the link to download the report, then open it as an Adobe PDF on your computer.

– Rule 65C-35: Psychotropic Medication for Children in Out-of-Home Care

– Operating Procedure – Services for Children with Mental Health and any Co-Occuring Substance Abuse Treatment Needs in Out-of-Home Care Placements

– Prescribing Psychotropic Medication to Children in Out-of-Home Care Report

– Gabriel Myers Work Group Report August 2009 – Final

Gabriel Myers Timeline

– Gabriel Myers Presentation

– Final Child-On-Child Sexual Abuse Needs Assessment- White Paper 2010

The list below includes resources for children’s services, aid organizations, state groups, educational services, and other sites and services pertinent to children’s issues. This is an evolving list. It is intended to eventually encompass all 67 Florida counties as well as pertinent state and federal resources.

If you have a organization or resource you believe should be included, feel free to submit a suggestion or link.

* ABA Center on Children and the Law

* Agency for Health Care Administration Medicaid Services

* Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

* Autism Behind the Wheel: Teaching Teens and Young Adults with ASD to Drive

*Best Home Modifications for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

* Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Child Law Practice (CLP) Today

* Child Welfare League of America

* Childrens Services Council Broward

* Department of Children & Families Dashboard

* Department of Children & Families Publications

* Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation

* Florida’s Children First

* Florida Child Welfare & Adoption

* Florida Department of Children & Families

* Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Program Reports

* Florida Medicaid

* Guardian Ad Litem

* Guide to Educational Opportunities for Florida Foster Youth

* How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

* National Center for Youth Law

* National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

* NCYL Foster Care Reform Litigation Docket

* The Children’s Trust

* The National Association of Counsel for Children NACC

* The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

* Foster Care Alumni of America

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