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Sun-Sentinel: New DCF Chief Wilkins has ‘Big Shoes to Fill’

From the Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board: Florida’s recently-appointed Secretary of the Department of Children and Families David Wilkins has some big shoes to fill. He is replacing George Sheldon who, along with his predecessor Bob Butterworth, made significant progress in reforming the state’s foster care system.

Under the previous two secretaries, Florida greatly reduced the number of children in foster care and made us one of the nation’s leaders in the number of adopted kids. Both Butterworth and Sheldon were guided by the direct voice of experience, the youths in state care.

We urge Secretary Wilkins to continue listening to youths, to keep up the momentum in reforming foster care and to pay special attention to the well-being of kids while they’re waiting for a permanent home.

The Legislature will have the opportunity to give kids in state care a chance at living more normal lives both while in care and as young adults making their way in the world. The new secretary’s leadership on such issues will be vital.

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