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Hollywood Director Tyler Perry to Alleged Penn State Sex Abuse Victim: ‘You’re a Survivor’

December 14th, 2011   No Comments   Abuse, News & Events

From South Florida to State College to around the world, child advocates and others have been transfixed and disgusted by allegations of sexual abuse against Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. One such person is Hollywood’s Tyler Perry, who recently wrote a letter in Newsweek magazine to a young boy involved in the scandal. In his letter, Perry revealed his own story, and told the boy he isn’t a victim – but a survivor. Read Perry’s letter here.

Tyler Perry

In response, a therapist from Minnesota wrote a letter of thanks to Perry. In the letter, the therapist wrote, “…As a therapist, I’ve seen shame and self-blame experienced by abuse victims who become survivors by acknowledging the abuse. Such disclosures are momentous acts of bravery and the first step in healing. I hope Perry’s words encourage more people to disclose their abuse and help decrease the stigmatization of survivors.”

Penn State Sex Abuse Claims Highlight Need for ‘Moral’ and Legal Obligations to Report Crimes

November 16th, 2011   No Comments   Abuse

When graduate assistant Mike McQueary told Penn State head coach Joe Paterno about the alleged sexual child abuse he said took place by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky on a minor in the school’s showers, some believe he adhered to his legal responsibility. But legal scholars, children’s rights attorneys and lawmakers wonder: Did he rise to his moral responsibility to see his allegations through?

According to USAToday, “Lawmakers and university officials across the USA are moving quickly to tighten up rules on who must report sexual abuse on campus in the wake of the Penn State scandal…A key issue likely to be debated in state legislatures is whether reports should go straight to police, and whether new laws are needed to shore up vague guidelines and polices about child safety on campus.”

Read the entire story here.