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The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) placed a child sexual assault victim into the care of a pimp with a lengthy criminal history

DCFS licensed a three-time convicted felon as a foster parent and subsequently placed a 16-year-old sex trafficking victim into his care.  DCFS placed the girl with the 24-year-old pimp, Erick Johnson, just months after he was released from federal prison after a 24-month sentence on a firearms charge.  Before that, Johnson spent three years in state prison for two robbery convictions.  Despite all that, he passed placement clearance and was approved by DCFS to become a foster parent.  While the child was in his care,  he profited from tax money as a foster parent while he forced the juvenile into prostitution by putting up an advertisement on a known sex website.  The girl has been raped, trafficked, abused, beaten up , and she has been shot, leaving a bullet in her leg.  Nearly a year ago, a DCFS hired psychologist told the child welfare agency that the girl needed to be in a “secure residential treatment sex trafficking program.”  However, the girl has not received the treatment she needs for the trauma the agency’s carelessness caused.


Justin Grosz interviewed by Sun-Sentinel for series on human trafficking issues in Florida

December 8th, 2022   No Comments   Human Trafficking, Uncategorized

The Sun-Sentinel newspaper is publishing a four-part series that investigates the serious issue of sex trafficking at Florida hotels. Justin Grosz, co-founder of the Justice for Kids Division, has filed lawsuits against hotels where underage girls are suspected of having been trafficked for sex, and shares his insights in part one of the series.

Click here to read part 1

Click here to read part 2, which focuses on girls in foster care.


May 6th, 2022   No Comments   Human Trafficking

WHAT:                 HANDY (Helping Abused Neglected Disadvantaged Youth) & H.O.M.E.S. INC., and Justice for Kids®, a division of Kelley Kronenberg, proudly present “Sounding the Alarm on Human Trafficking,” a Broward County Town Hall Meeting taking place on Wednesday, May 11th.


The Inextricable Link Between Child Welfare and Human Trafficking

February 23rd, 2022   No Comments   Human Trafficking

In February 2022, a married couple in New York City was accused of operating an extensive sex trafficking ring that involved over 6 young women and went on for many years. Most appalling is the fact that two of the sex trafficking victims were placed in the wife’s foster care. She was the one who was supposed to provide stability and safety for these children; now she and her husband—a registered sex offender from previous offenses (which the foster agencies failed to notice)—have now been indicted on multiple felony charges including sex trafficking and third-degree promoting of prostitution.


National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January 31st, 2022   No Comments   Human Trafficking

The following letter to the editor was authored by Justice for Kids Partner Justin Grosz:


Human Trafficking is an incredibly important issue that demands our attention. January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month; and as it comes to a close, we must continue to bring our awareness to this issue and how we can each do our part to prevent human trafficking. There are many misconceptions when it comes to human trafficking. While most think these events mostly take place abroad, this is a grave domestic issue. In fact, Florida ranks 3rd in the nation in terms of the number of calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, the vast majority of which involve the commercial sexual exploitation of minors.  The average age that a trafficked victim is first used for commercial sex is between just 12-14 years old. These children are vulnerable and often lured into terrifying situations which they lack the resources to extricate themselves from.