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10-Year-Old Child Sexually Assaulted Multiple Times

March 24th, 2021   No Comments   Sexual Abuse

Five men have been accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old child and four of them are free to continue abusing children after continuous systematic delinquencies failed to hold the men accountable for their crimes. Although the government institutions responsible for protecting the little girl were well aware of the frequent sexual abuse she suffered, the system failed to take any action to protect her, leaving her in the hands and mercy of her abusers.

In May 2020, the Chicago Police Department (“CPD”) performed a rape kit test on the minor after a 37-year-old man assaulted her. The DNA results quickly identified the abuser as he has been a registered child sex offender for over fifteen-years. However, as a result of horrifying negligence, the CPD failed to arrest the sexual predator or take any additional steps to protect the child from him for nearly 10 months, providing him with the freedom he needed to continue sexually assaulting children without restraint.

In another disturbing incident last October, the little girl was abused by a 47-year-old man at the Grand Motel in Chicago. Worried motel employees promptly reported the shocking situation to the CPD, but the CPD did not arrest the man or perform a rape kit on the child, again allowing another child predator to continue preying upon vulnerable youth.

Only once did the CPD arrest one of the child’s abusers. During that incident, the little girl had been missing for several days after a 22-year-old man took her to Indiana. However, the man was only charged with a misdemeanor for harboring a runaway and not sexual abuse of a minor. Essentially, he is free to continue sexually abusing children without the fear of legal accountability.

Moreover, the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (“DCFS”), which had been monitoring the child since she was 6 years old, received over a dozen reports about the abuse and neglect the little girl has been suffering. Unfortunately, in further appalling systematic neglect, DFCS failed to provide the child and her family with indispensable resources, such as counseling and intact family services until October 2020.

The carelessness and absurd negligence on the part of the institutions responsible for protecting the little girl truly shocks the conscience. The pain and trauma she suffered and will continue to suffer as a result of these failures is inconceivable. Not only should the sexual predators be held accountable for their crimes, but the CPD and DCFS should be held accountable for the negligence that failed this child, repeatedly sending her back into the arms of sexual predators and denying her basic protections every human being deserves.

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