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Another Florida DCF Child Dies; When Will ‘Oversight’ Actually Protect the Children?

Four children under the watch or previously known to be at-risk by the Florida Department of Children and Families have died – with others no doubt suffering personal injury and physical abuse or sexual abuse – at the hands of their families or caregivers in the past six weeks. This is a horrible statistic that points to a terrible trend that must be investigated and stopped before more children die.

The latest story: Ezra Raphael, 2, who was found non-responsive this week in his Miami-Dade County home. This comes after Florida DCF had already investigated the boy and his 22-year-old mother – and closed his case after finding no cause to remove him.

The county medical examiner has classified his death as a homicide.

How will administrators at the Florida Department of Children and Families respond to the latest spate of needless deaths? We’re hoping they pay more attention to future cases than they did to the four who’ve died since spring.

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