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As Another Child is Injured, Department of Children and Families Scrutiny Intensifies

The Florida Department of Children and Families finds itself under increasing scrutiny as yet another child suffers serious abuse and apparent personal injury while under its watch. Child advocates and attorneys fear for the child’s future – and that of others like him.

The Sunshine State News Service asked in an article whether a Florida DCF transformation of its old system “cut too many corners”  It’s a valid and timely question.

The child most recently injured was first admitted to the hospital with a broken leg his mother claimed resulted from a fall. Workers tasked with overseeing children did not act to investigate the claims. A later cracked rib went uninvestigated. The child was nearly killed in the third incident that severed his liver.

At least one judge has had enough.

“A Miami-Dade child welfare judge blasted the Florida Department of Children & Families for failing to take any action to protect the boy until it was too late,” the Miami Herald reported. “The child was removed from his mother’s custody earlier this month after he suffered the life-threatening laceration of his liver.”

Following reports of deaths and injuries of children under DCF watch, one would hope true transformation of the agency will come. Florida child advocates and attorneys who work to see that at-risk children’s rights and health are protected will be watching closely to ensure promises of change are kept.

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