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Child Advocate Brian Cabrey Works to Protect Florida’s Most Vulnerable

Brian Cabrey is known throughout the Florida legal community as a staunch advocate for foster children, and abused and neglected kids statewide. He has volunteered countless hours on their behalf and sits on the board of Florida’s Children First.

Brian’s work also includes “damages claims against the Florida Department of Children and Families ( DCF ) and its employees where foster children are physically and sexually abused in care.”

In this article from the Florida Times Union, Brian is recognized for his tireless efforts…

Brian Cabrey cares about the children.

His office in the Modis building in downtown Jacksonville is full of pictures of his family. Most of his free time revolves around his four children, aged 2 through 13, and their activities in sports and with Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

And when he’s in his office, Cabrey, a lawyer, is often working on behalf of children.

Early in their marriage, Cabrey’s wife, Jennifer, was having difficulty carrying pregnancies to term. So they began to consider possibly adopting, Cabrey said.

They volunteered to serve as foster parents and became involved with the Boys Home on University Boulevard, serving as sponsor parents to Mike Dunlavy, now in law school, and foster parents to Mike’s younger brother.

Read the entire article here…

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