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Florida Foster Child Attorney Hits TV to Support Children’s Services Council

August 3rd, 2014   No Comments   Advocacy

In November, Broward voters will be asked if the Children’s Services Council should remain in existence. Reauthorization for each Children’s Services Council in Florida is required by law to ensure electoral oversight on how taxpayers’ dollars are used and to justify themselves to voters.

Howard Talenfeld, co-chair of Citizens for Broward’s Children countywide political action committee that supports the reauthorization recently took to the media to discuss the importance of this measure. Talenfeld also is founder and president of Florida’s Children First, the state’s premier foster child and at-risk children’s organization.

Children’s Services Council “is everything, from all of the early education programs and truancy prevention programs to tutoring and independent living,” he said. “We’re now seeing because of these kinds of programs and the outcome measurements from these programs dramatic improvements in what is happening with children.”

Watch his entire interview below.

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