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Inspiring Story Told by Former Foster Care Child Who Was Abused and Neglected

June 2nd, 2021   No Comments   Foster Care, Sexual Abuse

Kenisha E. Anthony has become an agent for change within the foster care system.  She began her journey as a “ward of the state” when she was only four (4) years old.  Her parents struggled with drug addiction and Kenisha was taken from them.  She would then be placed in seven (7) different homes until finally “aging out” of the system at eighteen (18) years old.  Despite her optimism that things would get better with each home, Kenisha suffered terrible abuse and neglect.  The foster care system failed to protect Kenisha from sexual abuse and other dangers that they are required to prevent.  In the book, “Labeled: Ward of the State,” Kenisha writes her story and details her experiences in these homes.

Fortunately, Kenisha was able to grow from her experiences and went on to graduate college and start a passionate career as a social worker.  She is focused on highlighting the issues with the foster care system and bringing new and positive changes to help thousands of children currently in the care of state.

Read more in this article from Essence. Or, for questions about Fort Lauderdale foster child abuse, contact Justice for Kids.

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