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New Law Provides Foster and Adoptive Families with Additional Resources to Care for Children Exposed to Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect

November 22nd, 2022   No Comments   Abuse, News & Events

Public Act 102-926 provides intervention services for abused and neglected children in the Child Welfare System.  Early exposure to trauma, abuse and neglect can damage a developing brain and lead to developmental disabilities.  Historically, families involved in Illinois’ Child Welfare System struggled to navigate and attain necessary resources.  The new law aims to expand eligibility under DHS’ Child Care Assistance Program to include foster parents or caregivers of youth in care, regardless of whether they are working or participating in employment or education programs.  Families can seek these services through DCFS, but only for abused and neglected children under the age of three.

Fortunately, the team at Justice for Kids provides resources for foster and adoptive families caring for abused or neglected children of all ages.  For example, when a foster or adoptive parent cares for a child with a history of abuse and neglect that was not fully disclosed to the caregiver, our team can help the caregiver seek compensation for the costs of the care and resources the abused child requires.

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