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Sen. Sobel Calls Florida Department of Children and Families Missing Records Inquiry a ‘Whitewash’

State Senator Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood), a staunch advocate for the state’s at-risk children and chairwoman of the Senate’s Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee, has spoken out against the Department of Children & Families investigation records relating to kids who died under DCF watch “a cover-up and a whitewash,” according to news reports.

The investigation explored the agency’s inability to present documents and records regarding the kids’ deaths, especially those of 30 children in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Broward counties in DCF’s Southeast Region. Some have suspected possible destruction of child death records.

“I just think this is a huge cover-up that is going on to save their jobs and protect their public image at the expense of these kids,” Sen. Sobel was quoted in the Miami Herald. “They are obstructing information, they are obstructing justice, and they are obstructing transparency.”

At the request of the newspaper, the inquiry by DFC resulted in no records, files, emails or even hand-written notes.

“…though the inquiry was designed to quell criticism that DCF was hiding details — and entire records — regarding the deaths of children the agency is tasked with protecting, agency watchdogs and children’s advocates now have no means of scrutinizing the work product,” the paper reported.

Read the entire story here.

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