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Tampa Bay Times Letter: Legislature, DCF Must Act on Behalf of At-Risk Kids

For foster child advocates and the attorneys who strive to protect at-risk children from assault, physical abuse, sexual abuse and other personal injury, the word is getting around: The Legislature must act to protect these children. It also must compel the Florida Department of Children and Families to do more to meet its mandate to see that kids under its watch are, in fact, protected.

In that regard, the Legislature has led the charge for change. DCF Interim Secretary Esther Jacobo has welcomed more collaboration to protect children. And the news media, which released an investigative report on the deaths of 477 children under DCF watch, has been working in the public interest in covering this closely.

The Tampa Bay Times this week published a letter to the editor on the issue. Written by child advocate and foster care abuse attorney Howard Talenfeld, the letter applauded the Legislature’s actions, while calling for closer oversight of DCF. Read the entire letter here.

The more that Floridians know about these issues, the safer our children will be.

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